Meter reading, simplified.

Ausmeter have 30 years experience
in the Utility Industry and IoT Market.

We design, implement and commission
IoT and Telemetry infrastructure
using world leading technology.


I’m looking for a solution for:

Water Metering

Get access to quality meters and double-tested reads for maximum accuracy. 

Gas Metering

We provide robust equipment with a 10 year average of 99.7% one-time read delivery.

Electricity Metering

Manage your disparate technology and future-proof deployments.

Building Management

Reduce on-site visits and control data access at all levels, from tenant to Utility.

Ausmeter solutions are built in partnership with leading companies

Why Work With Ausmeter?

Because we make it simple.
We pay attention to the details, so you can focus on running a better business.

Customised code for your business

With experience in designing and manufacturing we can help bring your custom-designed systems to life.

Take control of your data

Always be in control of your utilities usage with our Juice software portal.

Automate and Decrease Costs

Decrease costs by automating data sharing and reducing the chances of human error.

Looking for a software solution?

Find out more about our Juice portal.

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