Water Metering

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Access to Quality Meters

As a registered Honeywell distributor Ausmeter has access to one of the best and largest meter manufactures globally.

Stock Availability

Ausmeter places long term orders with regular monthly shipments ensuring all of our warehouses are stock and ready for dispatch. 

Read Accuracy

When paired with one of our AMR endpoints, Ausmeter tests both meter and endpoint to ensure read accuracy before it gets to field.  

Gas Metering

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Governing Body Approved Equipment

As a registered Honeywell distributor,
Ausmeter is aligned with the best gas measurement manufacturers globally.
With an emphasis on safety, we only distribute locally-approved equipment. 

On-Time Reads

Whether it is through Ausmeter’s custom-designed-and-built data acquisition software ‘Juice’, or Honeywell’s Power Spring for Gas measurement products, Ausmeter has a 10 year average of 99.7% one time read delivery.

Equipment Reliability

The Gas measurement equipment Ausmeter distributes is designed and tested
to withstand the harshest of climates, 
with little-to-no human intervention. 

Electricity Metering

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Inflexible Solutions

Ausmeter partner with the countries biggest Electricity meter manufactures, and can assist with tailoring a solution to suit your needs. 

Managing Disparate Technology

We appreciate that sometimes it’s not possible to get matching technology for every meter, whether is supply issues, geographic restrictions or regulatory changes. Ausmeter can help you get your meters under control and make sure you have consistent reads from any technology.

Technology Lifecycle

Ausmeter work with leading technology companies to make sure we future-proof your deployments and when change happens we manage it for you.

Sub-Metering & Building Management

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Tenant Security and Privacy

By utilising Ausmeter’s own remote maintenance and data management systems, you can greatly reduce the need for site visits, better ensuring your tenants’ security and privacy.

Access to Data

Ausmeter’s Juice Software is a multi-tenanted data acquisition system, which can give anyone (from tenant level right up to utility level) access to their data and their data only. 

Retrofitting New Solutions to an Existing Building

With a focus on wireless technologies Ausmeter can provide a solution that can be retrofitted to an existing building without costly and drawn-out installations. We can also utilise your existing meters to help keep costs down.

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