Meter Reading

Our metering services include supply, design, install and reading. (Including Manual and Automated Meter Reading). We are also experts at system integration.

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RF Endpoint

RF Endpoints are designed for high-rise, long-range use. With millions installed world wide, our Endpoints are proven to be accurate, and offer exceptional battery life.

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RF Repeaters

Our RF Repeaters are used to increase the signal and range of hard-to-reach Endpoints. They are battery powered and can be installed anywhere.

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Our RF gateway has been developed completely in-house to offer a new standard – fast, secure data delivery for your applications.

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Natural Gas Volume Correction & Pressure Monitoring Solutions



MI Wireless 350

The MiWireless 350 products can be used as:

  • Pressure Monitor in the gas transmission and distribution lines.
  • Electronic Volume Correction in demanding custody transfer applications,
  • Communication assemblies in Hazardous locations
  • Power assemblies for remote equipment

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EC 350

Flexible PTZ Gas Volume Corrector for
Standard Meter Applications provides:

  • Greater flexibility in gas volume correction
  • Intuitive operation for all corrector applications
  • Versatile UMB- rotary- and wall-mount options
  • Support CloudLink 4G Cellular Modem

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ER 350

The ER 350 Electronic Pressure Recorder provides:

  • Greater flexibility in gas pressure recording
  • Intuitive operation for all pressure recording applications
  • Versatile wall and pipe mount options
  • Support CloudLink 4G Cellular Modem
  • IR port allowing for easy configuration

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Software (Power Spring)

PowerSpring is a data collection software suite that brings the power and flexibility of Microsoft’s SQL Server for data management and remote monitoring.

PowerSpring consists of five data collection sub-system applications that run as service-supporting headless operation and automatic recovery upon reboot.

Advanced Smart Human Factor browser-based UI enhances productivity and user experience.
The service and support offered from Honeywell completes this product, and makes it a must-have for your data collection, reporting and management needs.


Software that changes everything

Our Juice software suite includes apps in iOS and Android, as well as web based software, to manage Automatic Meter Reading networks and Data.


We have experience with a wide range of languages including: PHP, JS, MYSQL, JAVA, C, C++, C# and many more.


With a growing API being developed it is easier than ever to interact with our AMR Platform.


Juice Data is our Admin dashboard. Manage your customer and billing data and push your reading data to billing systems and beyond.


Give your customers what they need via our online portal.

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