Solutions for applications

System Integration
Metering Services

Something Different, Something New.


We have a team of electronic engineers available to help you develop a wide range of products.


Our Developers are experienced in Web and Embedded software.



With experience in designing and manufacturing we can help bring your products to life.

Our highly skilled engineers have worked on a range of products for us and our customers including:

  • Bluetooth Receivers
  • 3G/4G RF Gateways
  • RF Transmitters

Software that changes everything

Our software suite includes apps in iOS and Android as well as web based softwares to manage AMR networks and Data.

Limitless Possibilities

We have experiance with a wide range of Langauges including: PHP, JS, MYSQL, JAVA, C, C++, C# and many more

Robust API

With a growing API being developed it is easier than ever to interact with our AMR Platform


Juice Data is our Admin dashboard. Manage your customer and billing data and push your reading data to billing systems and beyond


Give your customers what they need via our online portal

Metering Services & Integration

Our metering services includes design, install and reading including Manual and AMR reading.

We are also experts at system intergration. Talk to us about how we can help.

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